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Chat Challenge~ Under da Sea~ by Nisassa
Chat Challenge~ Under da Sea~
Camille mermaid attempt. I googled tropical fish and I saw one with these pretty pink oranges and golds without a name, so the fish is a Mystery!
But this was fun and I enjoyed playing with this kind of colour palette. Next is Anthony~

Paying with: Nothing
Asking for: Tarot cards, Egg, Eyebright, Crystal, Singing sand
DD- Isurus by Nisassa
DD- Isurus

Name: Isurus Kinuseo

Gender: Male 

Height/Weight: 6’2”  175lb

Age: 27 

Weapon: Inlaid war club

Patron Information

[Base Element] Water

[First Patron]

Name: North…

North is a doting and social spirit who enjoys familiar faces and communication. Despite Isurus’s reluctance to meet North’s expectations of interactions, he’s trying to force his guardian out of his shell much to his Guardians chagrin.

Element: Water

Ability 1 [Offense]

Ice shards

Isurus is able to build a layer of ice off of his weapon and with a directed strike can influence the ice to shatter into spikes and be shot out in the direction of choice.

Lv 1- Spikes are small and shard like and can be shot from a distance of 10 feet with enough force to scratch the surface of skin

lv 2- Spikes are slightly more dense and can be shot from 15 feet with enough force to pierce skin 

lv 3- Spikes are dense and capable of being as strong as icicles and can be shot from 25 feet with the ability of causing more severe injuries


Personal Information


Often considered quiet and focused, he distracts himself with tasks at hand rather than socializing directly. (In teams he’ll communicate for the sake of the missions and rarely distracts with conversation that detours)

Being the king of no talk, he often gets frustrated with those who try and force socialization out of him but has gone through a lengthly process of teaching himself to avoid conflict as a result of his moods when push comes to shove (Often leaving his main responses as snark). He’s very dedicated to any task he takes on and is often good for individual lessons and missions where he can be focused and work alone. He’s quickly taken his responsibilities as a guardian seriously, but needs to still learn how to be a team player and cooperative.


In his early life, Isurus was born to an aboriginal marine biologist (Wanda Kinuseo) and a half aboriginal father who often worked multiple jobs within the small coastal community. 

His mother had one other child from a previous relationship and was fairly older when Isurus was born (Manta- 12 years older)

Despite things working out for a few years, Isurus’s father and mother split up and both he and his sister were put into situation of being taken care of by a single mother which worked out fine for the small family for a short time.

When Isurus was 6 and Manta was 18, their mother suffered sudden cardiac arrest as a result of the stress she’d carried and passed away while at work one day.

Taking charge, Manta cared for Isurus in their mothers absence, and worked a couple small part time jobs to pay the bills. They eventually moved in with Manta’s boyfriend, a struggling alcoholic, but made things work. Despite it working out financially, Manta and her boyfriend often fought over the situation of alcohol abuse and things started to turn violent over the the course of a few months. She met her end when Isurus was 8 years old as a result of one of the many domestic disputes which resulted in the boyfriend being incarcerated and Isurus being placed into multiple foster homes over the course of years.

He himself struggled with underaged drinking and got into minor drugs and smoking during his young adolescent years and quite often got into fight as a result of his quick temper.

He was arrested when he was 18 and was given the option of rehabilitation with his substance abuse and aggression, which he accepted and continued for years.

He eventually decided to try and pursue a career in Coast guarding but was rejected as a result of his criminal past and wasn’t even considered as a result. Without a purpose or career, he shifted into a lifestyle of obscurity, working on a few small fishing boats off the coast. It was a year after working as a fisherman that he met North while saving a coworker from stormy waters that they were trapped in.

Isurus taking this offer as a blessing in disguise decided to follow the offer and is fully pursuing the career of being a Guardian with interest in excelling the task.

Chat Challenge: There were many lost to us in the eruption at Pompeii. While we rest and recover in the house, statues and offerings are being made to honor the dead. Do you join or do you ignore and potentially dishonor? Go wild!


Had a hard time with Camille, she's of course sad for everyones loses but at the same time she's struggled with the prolonged exposure of others grief and has let her self become disconnected, so what better than have her offend a couple people~
I wouldn't have got this done if it weren't for the help and suggestions of some wonderful people, so thanks for the inspiration mah ladies.

Paying with: Nothing
Bullet; Green Flame Pearl, Bullet; Green Eyebright, Bullet; Green Singing Sand, Bullet; Blue Pearl Orb, Bullet; RedTears of Orphans

All character, art (c) me.


Relax, I'm hilarious
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