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Bearlymadeitoutalive by Nisassa
I'm done. This was done as fast as I could since works been quite a lot lately. So enjoy my quick but determined mess.
I had planned for bigger but the first path took longer than expected and honestly I'm glad to only end up doing one illustration.
Hope to get back into doing more work for Cami's development. 
Might come back and fix this tomorrow after work.
still working with Paula and recieved permission to work with some others. Paula's illustration will have taken place before mine. I'll link hers back to mine later.
Paying with:  Bullet; Blue Sugar Cane
Would like: Bullet; Green Crystal Bullet; Green Stinking Rose Bullet; Green Lizard Tail Bullet; Green Tarot Cards Bullet; Green Dogwood
Zya (c) Yukino-Green
Jasper (c) 
Viv (c) Paulagirl93
Camille (c) me
DD-Danny DeVito I love your Work! by Nisassa
DD-Danny DeVito I love your Work!
Path One: You choose to ignore the Master's warnings and venture deeper into the forest, beyond the house and the general group. Do you go alone, or do you go with a friend or two? Either way, you come across the more dangerous goblins...these nasty creatures enjoy snacking on the bones of the dead. Take care of them, won't you? 

Camille is Paying with : 
Bullet; GreenArtificial sweetener
Bullet; Green CrystalBullet; Green Feather Bullet; Blue Tears of a Small Soul, Bullet; Red Tears of Orphans Bullet; Red Dragon's Blood?

Vivian is paying with:  
Bullet; Green Alfalfa,
Bullet; BlueButterfly Wing, Bullet; BlueGryphon Feather, Bullet; BlueHornet Stinger and Bullet; BlueRabbit's Foot, Bullet; Redspirit token?

Collaboration work with 

So we conclude our Adventure of Drumsticks and Sweet Wings and their conflict of the nasty Danny Devito looking Mario brothers and gang!

Camille (c) Me (sketches, Lines and text)
Viv (c) Paulagirl93 (Sketches, Colours, effects, etc) 
Mario, Luigi,and peach Goblins and comic (c) Both of us

Link to Paula's Upload. Give her some love
<da:thumb id="509906398">
Chat Challenge- Camille by Nisassa
Chat Challenge- Camille
Chat challenge: It's summer time in Dulcedomum! And that means it's time to hit the beach- show off your swimsuits, everyone! Chat challenges cost no loot and will now be submitted to the Artwork Folder instead of Lessons. Go Wild!

Paying with: My determination to get this damn challenge done
Would like:Bullet; Green Tarot Cards Bullet; Green Egg  Bullet; Blue Ashes of Someone's Shoelaces  Bullet; Blue Tears of a Small Soul Bullet; Red Tears of Orphans

God damn I hate swimsuits
Now onto Anthony
DD-RS-Guardian- Anthony Alfaro-Carter by Nisassa
DD-RS-Guardian- Anthony Alfaro-Carter

Name: Anthony Alfaro-Carter (Redstone Guardian)

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 6'0" (approximately 165lbs)

Age: 17

Weapon: War Hammer

Wizard Parent: Loren Alfaro born 1972- Eighth generation

A confident woman to the point of cocky. While also being stubborn she's extremely passionate about the things important and close to her, being willing to fight tooth and nail to protect them. She's got a pact with a Scout Guardian and ended up having Anthony as an accident

Patron Information

[Base Element] Earth

Name: Sprout 

Being a very silent and introverted sprit, he can often come off as shy though his silence is simply a mask for disinterest. Upon meeting people he takes interest in, he will give them a leaf to wear on their head, much like his own. He gets extremely offended if you snob his beautiful gift. 

Element: Earth

Ability 1 [Defence]

Sink Hole

By smashing his hammer into the earth near his enemies footing he can cause the ground beneath them to collapse beneath them, causing misplaced footing or stumbling of their foe. 

lv1- Can cause the ground to sink about 2 feet.

<s>lv 2- the ground beneath the foe collapses about waist deep.</s>

<s> </s>

<s>lv 3- the ground collapses about a bodies length deep.</s>

(Please include the 3 progression levels of your ability with the last two crossed out)


Personal Information


Anthony is an individual who hates being holed up for too long or left with a single task for long periods of time. He takes interest in exploring and wandering (Traits he inherited from his father most likely). He thinks well on his feet and is generally pretty confident in himself due too having parents who were very dominant, strong and confident individuals themselves. If he's faced with disinteresting conversation he'll more than likely tune the other person out, not intentionally, but he hasn't made solid effort to change it.


Being born to a wizard and scout Guardian, he grew up in the Dulce House and was constantly exposed to his parents love/hate relationship. While his parents bickered, he'd oftn find time to escape their attention and land himself into trouble, one time specifically being outside the house with his parents on a trip when he wandered off and came upon a shadow spirit who promptly took the chance to attack the small child. Though not hurt and quickly saved by his mother, the memory imprinted itself on the boys young mind thus leaving him with night terrors that lingered through his life thus far. Though he wont admit it, he still gets anxieties about shadows.

As he grew up and started taking more interest in learning the skills his parents learned, he'd make passing comments about possibly ending up a wizard himself though sadly the influence of magical lineage wasn't enough to allow him that fate. Quickly accepting the fate he was handed he bounced towards the idea of becoming a guardian like his dad instead, taking time to learn about weapons, patrons and everything his dad had learned as a scout. This all quickly led to his desperate attempt to find his own patron during his earlier teenage years, and though attempts were made, his desperation definitely didn't draw in any potential patrons.

Frustrated for a good while after that and still training for his chance encounter he spent more time around his parents than he'd have wanted, exposing himself to their bickering and making up. With these frequent events he wandered off as usual, curiously tracking animals and spirits as he pleased, climbing tree's and cliffs to his hearts content. Weaving through the forest like it was the back of his hand and scaling terrain that most humans would pathetically trip through, he did manage to attract a single patron who was curious of the young man, quietly and carefully following for short periods of time until he finally made a silent approach to Anthony and sloppily tossed a hand full of leaves into the boys hair before encouraging a pact between the two. It took a while for Anthony to realize he had finally acquired a patron of his own since the spirit refuses to speak.

Since acquiring his own patron and already living in the house, he moved to a room that aligned with his own element, gladly leaving the light wing where he had a room previously due to his mothers elemental alignment.

Extra info:

-Gets night terrors occasionally and can be found relaxing in common room locations to calm himself before considering the idea of returning to sleep

-Is an excellent climber

-Being raised on food prepared in the house, he's used to clean, healthy and home cooking. He went out for fast food once when he was 14 and has regretted it ever since due to the result making him feel lethargic and ill.

- Has basic training in a couple weapons though is not a master of any.

- Is very comfortable with the strange occurrences in the house due too being raised with them since day one

- Has taken interest in potentially becoming a scout like his parents one day but would also have no issue with pacting with a family member if it was requested



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